The advantages of CIT data analysis software

The CIT analysis software uses numerous of tools that allow the operator to act quickly and independently, conveying the focus of the research on the points that are to be considered the most important, case by case.

The operator has the possibility, by combining a wide range of filters present in the system, to carry out cross-searches and to view, for example, the type of traffic generated by a user or an interested party.

The details of one’s work can be viewed at any time, in order to optimise, speed up the analysing process, as well as to provide valuable support of detailed reports.

Strong technical points of CIT software:


CIT automatically processes acquired telephone data records, and analysis previous telephone traffic in a very short time.


CIT automatically creates the correct connections and analyzes the information generated and acquired during an investigative activity


CIT allows you to highlight correlations between entities, space-time dynamics, acquaintances, relational circuits, shareholdings of individuals in corporate structures


CIT allows the operator to graphically represent the relationships between entities, making them extrapolable in customised reports and viewable graphically using both internal CIT tools such report as "CIT Connection Explorer", "CIT Family" and external tools such as "yEd" or "2Analyst"


CIT allows the operator to process information by applying some filters to refine the analysis


CIT automatically creates entities, sorts data into the correct files, uses databases that are always updated. And automatically assigns calls to their users.


Our live technical support offers qualified assistance, ready to accomodate all the request of its customers


Our development team produces continuous system updates to respond quickly to new investigative needs

Easy integration

It can be integrated into the existing network infrastructure, optimising costs.

Time reduction

It significantly reduces time spent on carrying out investigation activities


You can also work offline, avoiding any risk in terms of cybersecurity breach.