CIT (Crime Investigation Technologies) is a data analysing software designed and developed entirely within the MBS Engineering laboratories.
The system aims to support the investigative need of law enforcement. The system manages increasingly complex and heterogeneous big data information such as previous telephone traffic, ministerial databases on vehicles, properties, corporate structures, tax data, financial flows, reconstructions cash flows (cryptocurrencies), investigative databases, OSINT, chat analysis from different sources such as WhatsApp, Sky ECC and Encrochat. The use of the CIT Software allows the analyst to exploit all the potential deriving from the technology.
Without the software an achieving result would be excessively complicated, and in some cases, impossible. The main task of the investigator is to reduce the complicity of an external scenario. They must identify unknown hypotheses and try to understand what are the challenges that are not currently visible. All this can happen if technological products are used that supports the analyst. Recalling that “one machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men, but no machine can do the work of one extraordinary man”.

The CIT system allows the analyst to collect, contextualize, acquire and compare all available information in real time, in order to extrapolate suitable inferences to make immediate decisions.
CIT is the platform that lends itself in communicating between different departments, even located in distant geographical areas, thanks to its help "no information will remain in the cards or worse in the analyst's mind as it is compared with other information that gradually becomes available "
The CIT software does not require special knowledge or computer skills on the part of the user.
Computing power, customizable filters and a simple and intuitive interface make it an accessible and performing tool.
The automatic import system allows you to upload files to the system by simply dragging and dropping. The analysis time is reduced by 90%.
Entity cards

The main entities in CIT are the subject, companies, utilities, “IMEI” cellular devices, vehicles and bank accounts.
Each entity holds a series of information distributed in specific sections.

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