Our Code of Ethics governs the set of rights and responsibilities that the company expressly assumes towards those with whom it interacts in carrying out its business. In full harmony with the positions expressed and protected by the accreditation system to which it adheres. We believe in the value of work, and we consider the legality, fairness and transparency of acting as essential prerequisites of achieving our economic, productive and social objectives.

With this document we also introduce the principles and rules of conduct relevant to the reasonable prevention of crimes indicated in Legislative Decree 231/2001. The text is divided into five fundamental sections to ensure greater and more immediate usability: the principles of conduct for the organisation, the social actors, the principles of conduct to which the staff must comply, the criteria of conduct and the application mechanisms of the code itself. The administrative body, or a delegate, of the company is responsible for the effective implementation of this Code of Ethics and its dissemination within and outside the organisation.